Department of Electronic Systems

Equipment / facilities

It's possible to borrow equipment from labfacilities for external use related to project work at AAU.

In general it's not possible to borrow equipment for your personal "consultant" jobs, or similar.

Users from within Department of Electronic Systems can contact Tech.Staff for access to equipment.

Users from other departments within Aalborg University can borrow equipment by contacting akutek,  fill out (& bringing) this formular [] when picking up equipment.

Students/staff from other departments within Aalborg University can use facilities if the use don't interfere with projects within ES.

Students will need supervisor/studysecretary written (OR by aau-email) accept - otherwise NO EQUIPMENT can be picked up or facilities can be used.


We claim the right to "call back" equipment in case we need the equipment here at Acoustics Laboratory-facilities. This right also implies that YOU return borrowed equipment to Acoustics Laboratory-facilities at Fredrik Bajers Vej at the next working day.