Department of Electronic Systems

Rules concerning power security in connection with exercises and project work.

Chapter 725 of the power regulation “Installations in electric control rooms” applies to all lab.facilities at the Department of Electronic Systems. Consequently, the safety committee at the institute has decided that the following rules and instructions must be followed when using equipment connected to power installations:

  • Unless the laboratory installations are permanently switched off, only “experts and competent staff” are allowed to be in the room. The main switch and “emergency stop” for main power in all our controlrooms are placed just inside the entrance to the room.
  • An essential precondition for the users (primarly students from the E and D sector) working with “open setups” without supervision, is that beforehand they have received the necessary instruction and guidance on how to work as “competent staff”
  • “Special instruction” must be given (by supervisor or by tech.staff) before working with equipment or open setups involving voltages more than 25V ac and/or 60V (+-30V) dc.
  • All laboratory benches are provided with a key-operated “emergency switch” and a safety switch (HFI or HPFI). The emergency switch is located either at each workbench or just inside the entrance door beside the normal main switch. The HFI (or HPFI) switch are normally located in the power inlet to which each workbench is connected.
  • The emergency switch must ONLY be used in cases of emergency. Whenever the switch has been activated it must be reported to the supervisor and laboratory/tech. staff before you start working again.
  • All events with inappropriate effects on the equipment and/or events causing electric shock must immediately be reported to the supervisor and the laboratory staff. Likewise defect/damaged equipment must be returned to the tech. staff (B3-107) for repair to prevent any accidents.
  • The laboratory facility/room and individual work place must be kept in order at any time. For example in setups with testwires etc. all wires must be connected in both ends or removed completely from the setup. Moreover, only equipment and accessories (testwires, probes etc) belonging to the laboratory facilities must be used in setups.

You should also consider "patient safety" when using subjects in listening and/or measurement setups.