Department of Electronic Systems

Rules for use of Acoustics Laboratory facilities.

When you request access and/or receiving keys to our facilities you also agree to the rules concerning use of the facilities – unfortunately this list seems to increase for each semester.

Your access is personal – no guests etc. without prior agreement, and this also means that YOU're responsible for your guests and what they do.

Always leave bags, coats etc. in your office / grouproom or eventually in the waitingroom B4-101.

No food in control- or special-rooms (minimum of beverage allowed in controlrooms). Don't bring coffee, tea etc in small plasticcups.

It's not allowed to make video-recordings, photos etc. in our facilities without prior agreement.

If you need to bring our equipment/manuals/accessories out of lab.facilities during your projects you'll need prior accept from Tech.Staff  (we need a complete list with serial- &  type-numbers on all equipment and your signature) – reverberation room A3-006 and control room A3-004 are treated as "outside lab.facilities".

If (for some reason) you´ll need to have equipment outside lab.facilities or in your grouproom outside normal opening hours (8.00 – 16.00) then your supervisors accept is also needed.

To prevent accidents you should keep your setups "tidy" and follow rules concerning power security and in case you're using lasers for alignment/positioning - read this.

When entering anechoic rooms – allways wear "overshoes".

ALWAYS fill out notes when you move equipment (or accessories) from one room (incl B4-109) to another room – even if it's only for ½ hour.  When you need a special adaptor/connector (eg. ½" -> ¼" adaptor for microphone-calibrator) which is a part of another "instrument", ALWAYS bring the whole box - including all the stuff you don't really need ;-) 

All setups should be cleared (incl. cables/equipment cleaned if you have used tape etc for fitting and/or marking) immediately after ending measurement/experiment.

Place a sign with name & email on your setup if it your setup should stay to the next day. You also accept to help keep the facilities look nice and tidy – ie. always immediately bring unused cables & equipment back in place after use.

Since we have some quite special (and sensitive) equipment then RTFM (read the f... manual) before connecting anything unless you are absolutely sure what you're doing ;-) - it'll only cause yourself trouble when your´re close to deadlines and you break any equipment just because you don't think it's necessary to read the manual.

Respect signs concerning limited/no access during listening experiments and measuring sessions – these signs will (and should) only be used when really necessary. You MUST always report (& fill out formular) any defective equipment – formular could be found on web or in B4-109.  You also accept not to install _any_ software at computers/pc's in lab.facilities – this is really not necessary to mention because it's also a part of the "rules for using computerresources at AAU" ;-)

Keep keys in a safe way. You also accept to pay for changing/reconfiguring of door-locks if you loose your key (about 600kr pr door the key opens).

If you work/use facilities between 16.00 and 8.00 you're responsible for closing & locking _all_ doors, turning lights and equipment off (mains power switch just inside doors to controlrooms). Any alarms fired (pt. 750kr pr. alarm) by opening doors/windows that should be held closed during this time will be on your account.

Please do not enter our area with dirty shoes/boots - our floors (carpets!) are not optimized for this ;-) - so please make sure your footwear is cleaned before entering the area – thanx!

The "kitchen" in the waitingroom (B4-101) is only for use when you have subjects for participating in experiments. If you (or your subjects) use the facilities then remember to cleanup everything and clean tables, dishes etc. immediately after use (and not the day after!!), also remember to open windows (to get fresh air in) if you´ve been using the microwave-oven.

When you want to use any of our facilities then please be aware that you need to check the booking guide to see if the special room is free and it could be a good idea to make sure that the equipment you expect to use for your setup is available and not in use somewhere else.

There's no access to our special rooms without a booking, and when you have a reservation you can also have a key in case you'll need to use the facilities outside the normal opening hours.

If you need any assistance to make your setup or find the right equipment then please be kind and ask for it in advance, instead of showing up 2 minutes before we leave.

Normally technical staff is available most days between 8.30 and 16.00 / email at akutek(at)

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