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How & why create an event in booking/reservation calendar

The former used online booking system will be shut down in near future so from today 22.nd of April 2014 you should book using ressources in outlook/exchange.

You can add roomcalendars to your calendarlist in your mail-program if you wish - then you can see future reservations. To book/make reservation you can create a "new meeting" and invite / add the room/lab the room as "ressource/participant". If you need the room for more than one day you can click on "recurrence" and configure according to your needs. Bookings for more than one week will not be accepted by default - bookings for 2 weeks should be made minimum 2 weeks in advance and so on..

If you search for "frb7" (seems to be best searchparameter accross apps and browsers) , you'll get a list where you can pick the room.. You can also enter directly in participant field - eg. for large anechoic room in B4.

In description please put "contact: and/or phone" as first line, and short description of your measurement/experiment - in case that no info found your booking request will be cancelled without further notice..

Click on description of room to open web-calendar. Description of room matches the use that rooms where designed for, but the rooms are flexible and there can be made setups for almost any experiments/measurements.

MP3 Valdemar - mannequin to measure sound exposure levels

B3-101 - control room V (controlroom for setup in VR-lab)

B3-103 - VR lab

B4-101 - subjects relax./waiting / meeting room

B4-103 - Audiometry

B4-106 - Low frequency Test facility

B4-107 - Listening Room B4

B4-111 - Anechoic Large B4

B4-113 - Control Room S (setup for Anechoic B4 and ekstra workplaces)

B5-101 - Anechoic Small B5 - in fact almost same space as Anechoic B4 between wedges ;-)

B5-105 - Control Room K (setups for Audiometry A & B)

B5-102 - Audiometry A - small cabin aimed for small setups typ. monitor, headphones based setups

B5-104 - Audiometry B - small cabin mirrored version of B5-102

B5-106 - Control Room Q (setup for Listening Multichannel B5 and ekstra workplace and subject relax/waiting area)

B5-108 - Listening Room B5 (multichannel)

Controlrooms will need to be booked if you don't allow anyone else in the room during experiments/measurements in special rooms or if you plan to use the controlroom as flexible for a dedicated setup.

Suggestions/guides for use:
if you have a setup in the room then make a reservation from 7.45-8.00 every day and create a note in "Description" field telling if others are allowed to use the room as long as no part of setup is moved and/or touched.

Then later on - book the room when you actually use the room (or equipment supposed to be in the room is used)

If you start using the room after 17.00 then make a booking starting from 16.30 since the ventilation etc. will be turned into a "zero-energy-mode" (low-speed fan, no heating/cooling) around 17.00 if there's no booking...

Booking your subjects into the calendar also makes it easier for everybody to see when you actually runs experiments (eg. more quiet use of lab. for others) - it can be done by adding an entry at actual time with the description 'with subjects' or similar..

REMEMBE(E)R: if you have reservations and don't use the room anyway then friday beers is on your account ;-)

So delete any future reservations if you don't need them anyway.


Why you should book:

Long time ago the section agreed on a booking/reservation system for our facilities, so that it would be possible to have one place to look if you need to use our facilities. In this way it's also possible for others (eg. cleaning personel, building services) to have information about running experiments.

Book only for periods you actually use the room or need to have a larger setup in the room which makes the room more or less unavailable for others.

Any signs put up on doors does NOT change this and reservations not on the calender is considered "not-existing" !!

Bookings that extends for more than 2 weeks need to be confirmed/discussed on the biweekly section meeting.

In the gooooood old days reservation was done on a paperbased schedule hanging on the wall in lab so everybody could see the reservations - and almost everyone used the reservation schedule.

After we have changed to a system which is easier to update through a web-interface it seems that use of the reservationsystem is decreasing.

Direct link to acoustics labs facilities documentation: