Department of Electronic Systems

 First Aid

1. Stop the accident

2. Give lifesaving first aid

3. Call for necessary help  (colleague,first aid helper, Ambulance)

4. Give general first aid

 Ambulance, call 112.


 * Where it happened,  Frederiks Bajers vej 7; 9220 Aalborg Ø

* What has happened

* How many are injured

* Who is calling


In case of minor industrial injuries at the university, requiring hospital treatment,  call Dansk Autohjælp for transportation.

Call 70 113 113.      Customer number: SP - 50150296.

 This arrangement only concerns transportation to hospital.

Transportation of sick persons from university to home is not covered by this arrangement.

Sick persons, who need transportation to their home must use a taxi.


All accidents must be reported to the laboratorie personnel afterwards.