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04-05-11 14:46

Symphonie DAQ frontend

Symphonie DAQ is back from repair and is available in lab again [more...]

Acoustics Laboratories - Facilities Information

Here you'll find miscellaneous information about equipment and laboratories/facilities located at Fredrik Bajers Vej 7 B3-B5 (see map).

If you're looking for information regarding research and education within acoustics, engineering psychology, signal processing etc, please take a look at AI and Sound section.

Our facilities can be used by students and researchers - primary users (students and employees) affiliated with Department of Electronic Systems. Facilities can be used by others if they need to use equipment/facilities for or during project-work related to AAU.

Laboratory facilities are accessible only by authorized users, since all access to the area are restricted with electronic alarm/access-system. Authorized users have full access to equipment and test-facilities located inside the area - as long as they stick to the rules ;-)

If you need access to equipment and/or facilities during your project work at Aalborg University, then please contact akutek(at)  

Guidelines concerning use of facilities

When you're using our facilities, then please follow the guidelines. In general the guidelines are made because we have experienced that a few users claims that everything that is not exactly forbidden is allowed. We kindly ask you to keep the facilities and equipment nice and tidy. We expect that you'll behave like you would like us to behave and use your living room if we where guests at your house.

Technical Staff

email: Opens window for sending emailTech.Staff at acoustics

Claus Vestergaard Skipper - Lab, equipment, it-support laboratories