Department of Electronic Systems

The IES network includes a number of utilities to help you write your reports. Most importantly LaTeX (for typesetting) and CVS (for document handling).


LaTeX is particulary useful for documents which includes many cross-references and mathematical formulas. Unlike most word-processing programs, you cannot see the final result until you compile your document, but this can sometimes be an advantage.

On all KOM workstations and terminals, latex can be invoked using the command latex. On your personal PC, we recommend installing either MikTeX (for windows) or TeTeX (for linux). Installation instructions can be found here.


CVS is used to keep track of your project files. It is particulary useful when multiple persons are working on the same project and even on the same file. CVS enables you to roll back to previous versions of the documents, and ensures that changes in documents are not overwritten accidentially (ie. if two persons are editing the same document). CVS are available on all KOM workstations and terminals using the command cvs, On youp personal PC, we recommend installing either TortoiseCVS (for windows) or the CVS command line interface (for linux).