Department of Electronic Systems

Typesetting with LaTeX

Typesetting with LaTeX is a bit different from working with normal word-processing programs. In LaTeX you write your document text and formatting into a source document using a normal text editor, and then compile it into the finished document. This means, that you cannot see the actual result right away. This is a bit confusing for people used to the way word-processors like Microsoft Word works. The learning curve for LaTeX are rather steep as well. Having said that, the advantages of LaTeX when writing scientific documents containing many references, figures and formulas are numerous.

Installation instructions for LaTeX on your personal PC can be found here.

Getting started with LaTeX is not as easy as starting a program and start typing. You need to know the basics of the LaTeX document structure. This guide will help you get started with writing LaTeX html ps pdf. Afterwards read The Not So Short Guide to LaTeX (pdf). Some other important books include The Lion Book (LaTeX introduction by Leslie Lamport), The Dog Book (The LaTeX Companion by M. Goossens, F. Mittelbach and A. Samarin) and finaly Introduktion til LaTeX - for nye og Ývede brugere (Danish internet book - can be found here)

Tools and other helpful materials for writing LaTeX documents can be found here.