Department of Electronic Systems

Installing LaTeX

If you want to use your personal PC to write LaTeX documents these guides will help you install them.

Installation on Linux

Installing LaTeX on Linux is pretty straightforward, just dselect/emerge/apt-get/package select the TeTeX package, and the package manager will deal with the installation. Other tools that are useful when using LaTeX under Linux is the xdvi, xfig and gv package. Many other packages are useful, but this is beyond the scope of this guide.

Installation on Windows

MikTeX is a LaTeX environment for Windows. Because of the enormous number of packages in the MikTeX distribution, installation is a bit cumbersome. This page will help you install the most recent version of MikTeX.

As in Linux, there are a few programs that will help you greatly when writing LaTeX, these include TeXniccenter, WinEDT and GSwiew.