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Feedback Twin Rotor System (copy 1)

Manualer Getting Started - Installation - Software

Reference Manual - External Interface - Advanced Teaching

The Twin Rotor MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) system provides a high-order, non-linear system with significant cross-coupling. Both PID and State Feedback controllers are installed as embedded controllers in the real-time kernel software.

Curriculum Coverage
  • Real time digital control
  • Model identification & tuning for 1degree of freedom (DOF), either vertical or horizontal
  • Non-linear model & state space representation
  • 1DOF & 2DOF PID control for stabilisation or tracking
  • Feedback linearisation
  • Linear quadratic control
  • Mouse control animation
  • On-line parameter change

Festo Robotino

Mobile robot with a round stainless steel chassis and three omnidirectional drive units.

Brochure and Thesis in pdf.

Chassis with:

  • Rubber guard strip with integrated collision protection sensor
  • 9 infrared distance sensors
  • Analogue inductive sensor
  • 2 optical sensors
  • Colour webcam with USB interface
  • Diameter 370 mm
  • Height incl. housing: 210 mm
  • Overall weight: approx. 11 kg

Hvac Ventilation

Hvac Ventilation


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Koelelab Danfoss

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Portal Kran

Portal Kran


The purpose of this student project is to make a truck with two semi-trailers go backwards

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