Department of Electronic Systems

Special Equipment


Dette udstyr er dyrere/bedre/ specielt og udlån og adminstration varetages derfor af Control Workshop.

Agilent DSO6034A oscilloscope

For demanding measurements this scope can be borrowed from the control workshop

It is a 4 channel 300MHz oscilloscope   

Tektronix Logik Analysator 1241


* Modular: 9 to 72 channels
* Support for 50 microprocessors
* 100 MHz asynchronous sampling
* 50 MHz synchronous sampling
* Dual timebase triggering, acquisition and display
* 14-level triggering
* GPIB, RS-232C, printer support


Spectrum Analyzer R&S FSEA


  • Spectrum Analysis with Ultra-wide Dynamic Range
  • Universal Analysis of Digital and Analog Modulated Signals (option)
  • One Button Demodulation for Communication Standard NADC, GSM, EDQE, Others
  • High-speed Synthesizer
  • 5 ms for Full Span (FSEA, FSEB)
  • Refresh Rate, Quasi-analog
  • 25 Sweeps/s
  • Large LC TFT Display - 24 cm/9.5 in., Active
  • Future-proof Modular Design
  • Customized Solutions Through Wide Variety of Options
  • Fastest Synthesizer Worldwide Incorporated in a Spectrum Analyzer

Polytec OFV-3001 Differential Laser Vibrometer Control

Polytec OFV-3001 Differential Laser Vibrometer Control (OFV-3001

Agilent 6554A

Power Supply 0-60 volt 9A 500w

Operating Manual  Datasheet

Service Manual

Delta SM 45-70 D

Power Supply 0-45 volt 70A 3000W

Protected against all overload and short circuit conditions
Very stable voltage or current 4.10-5 - 10.10-5
EMC: class B for Generic Emission. Can be used safely near sensitive equipment
Accurate voltage and current control by 10 turn potentiometers
Programmable by Analog voltage, Isolated analog,

Operating Manual

Fluke 189 Datalogging Kit

Using this connection along with Fluke software, logging data can be obtained from the multimeter  



Fluke 189 Temperature Sensor

Tachometer Shimpo DT-205 - No laser

User manual 

Measure linear speed, Measuring conveyor belt speed


Tachometer Laser Compact Instruments A2108

User manual 


Measure linear speed, Measuring conveyor belt speed


Polar Short Locator 850

The Polar model 850 works to help you repair many of those boards you may have considered a write off.
It is a special instrument to find Power to Ground Short Circuits, it is a Shorts Locator. It makes a different pitch sound depending on the resistance, and it can see milliohms. That means you can move the probes along a track and hear if you are getting closer or further away from the short. The accuracy of fault localisation is 1 - 2 mm.


  • Shorts below 200 mOhm
  • Multilayer shorts excessive Vcc loads (static/dynamic)
  • Bus faults
  • Open decoupling capacitors
  • Resistance ranges: Ohm, 200 mOhm, 2 Ohm, 200 Ohm, 20 kOhm
  • Voltage ranges: 2 mV, 20 mV, 2 V, 20 V

Laser Rangefinder DLE 50

Laser Rangefinder DLE 50 manual

• Softgrip body
• Range: 0.05m to 50m
• Accuracy: ± 1.5 mm@30
• Power supply: 4 x 1.5V AAA batteries (supplied)
• Handy pocket size, only 58 x 32 x 100mm

Anemometer: testto 410-1

Anemometer testo 410-1 spec sheet

testo 410-1; vane anemometer with built-in NTC air thermometer, incl protective cap, batteries and calibration protocol

testo 410-1 measures air speed and temperature. It is ideal for quick spot checks at air outlets on account of its integrated measurement with the 40mm vane. Timed mean calculation is possible. In addition to air speed and temperature, testo 410-2 also measures air moisture. Testo's very own, patented humidity sensor guarantees accurate readings. In this way, air conditions can be reliably checked.

  • Flow velocity measuring instrument with temperature measurement
  • Integrated measurement with 40 mm vane
  • Timed mean value calculation
  • Hold function and max./min. values
  • Windchill calculation for outside areas (perceived temperature)
  • Display illumination
  • Protective cap for safe storage
  • Including wrist strap, belt holder and calibration protocol

Battery Charger EOS 5I dp

User manual

The EOS 5idp [SPEED 5S14N] is a versatile, easy-to-use charger with special features for fast charging, discharging and cycling NiCd and NiMH packs of up to 14 cells, Lithium packs to 5S, and lead-acid batteries to 12V. Charge Output Cord Included, and more special features!

  • 2 Line LCD for charge monitor and post data display
  • Charge/Discharge
    *1-14 cell NiCd/NiMH Batteries
    *2-12v Lead Acid Batteries
    *1-5 cell Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • PCM Device Safe
  • 0.1-5A Charge Current
  • 0.1-1A Discharge Current
  • Fast Auto Charge Algorithms for NiCd and NiMH
  • 12.0~15.0V DC input voltage
  • Audible Function Alarm
  • Easy Lithium Programming
  • Output Charge Cord/Connector set included ($4.00+ value)
  • Double-length Input cord for convenience

Crumb 128 V3.0

Mikrocontroller Modul mit ATmega128 / AT90CAN128, USB, RS232 (, CAN).



The AVR® JTAGICE mkII from Atmel® is a powerful development tool for On-chip Debugging of all AVR 8-bit RISC MCUs and AVR32 32-bit DSP/MCUs with IEEE 1149.1 compliant JTAG interface.

8-bit AVR:

The JTAGICE mkII also support devices with debugWIRE Interface. debugWIRE enables on-chip debug of AVR microcontrollers in small pin count packages, using only a single wire for the debug interface.



Ingegrated development environment AVR-Studio for AVR microcontrollers by Atmel. here


AVR In-System Programmer mkII is used for field upgrades of AVR Flash microcontrollers. The AVRISP mkII combined with AVR Studio can program new AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers with ISP Interface.

Getting started


Ingegrated development environment AVR-Studio for AVR microcontrollers by Atmel. here


With AVR Dragon you can do symbolic debug on all 8- and 32-bit AVR devices with OCD. It supports multiple programming modes and contains a development area.

Introducing AVR Dragon

Currently the following protocols are supported:

 Programming Interfaces:

  • In System Programming  ( ISP )

  • High Voltage Serial Programming  ( HVSP )

  • Parallel Programming ( PP )

  • JTAG Programming ( JTAG Prog)

 Emulation Interfaces:  (Only available for devices with 32kB Flash or less)

Hokuyo PBS-03JN

Hokuyo PBS-03JN Infrared Range Finder


Detections messure

PBS-03JN Specifications:
• Low cost
• Light weight (500g)
• Compact size (75 x 70 x 70mm)
• Response time 180msec or less (Scanning speed 1 rev./100msec)


National PCI 6024e

  • User manual og specs
  • 16 analog inputs at 200 kS/s, 12-bit resolution
  • Up to 2 analog outputs, 12-bit resolution
  • 8 digital I/O lines (5 V/TTL/CMOS); two 24-bit counter/timers
  • Digital triggering
  • 4 analog input signal ranges
  • NI-DAQ driver simplifies configuration and measurements

National PCI 6071E

  • 2 analog outputs; 8 digital I/O lines; two 24-bit counters; analog triggering
  • Consider high-speed NI M Series for 16-bit resolution, 1.25 MS/s, and similar costs.
  • Superior LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, and Measurement Studio integration for VB and VS .NET



National PCI-6110E

  • User manual - AAU47496
  • 12-Bit, 5 MS/s/ch, Simultaneous-Sampling Multifunction DAQ
  • 4 simultaneously sampled analog inputs, 5 MS/s per channel
  • Extended input ranges to ±42 V
  • Two 16-bit analog outputs, 4 MS/s single channel, 2.5 MS/s dual channel
  • 8 digital I/O lines; two 24-bit counters; analog and digital triggering
  • NI-DAQmx driver software and LabVIEW SignalExpress interactive data-logging software
  • Optimized integration with NI LabVIEW, NI LabWindows/CVI, and NI Measurement Studio

National PCI 6713

  • 8 channels
  • 1 MS/s maximum update rate
  • 8 (5 V TTL/CMOS) digital I/O lines
  • Digital triggering and external clocking
  • 2 up/down counter/timers, 24-bit resolution
  • NI-DAQmx driver with configuration utility to simplify configuration and measurements




  • User manual
  • 12-bit 110KHz A/D converter
  • 32 single-ended/ 16 differential inputs, 1K word FIFO buffer
  • The total sampling rate is 110K samples/s for low gain model and 40K samples/s for high gain model.
  • Three different external trigger : post-trigger, pre-trigger, middle trigger
  • 16 digital input / 16 digital output channels
  • PCI-1202L/LU provides programmable low gain: 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8.

PowerDaq PD2-MFS-8-2M/14

  •  DatasheetManual
  • For PCI bus
  • 8 single-ended simultaneous sample/hold A/D channels
  • 14-bit resolution, 2 MS/s sampling rate
  • Gains: 1, 2, 5, 10
  • Two 12-bit analog outputs; 32 digital I/O lines; three 16-bit counter/timers
  • Simultaneous operation of all subsytems
  • Stream-to-disk capability
  • Multiple boards operate in one PC
  • Calibration certificate included
  • PowerDAQ Software for Windows NT/2000/XP and Linux/RTLinux

Adlink NuDAQ PCI-7841

  •  User manual and Datasheet
  • Two independent CAN network operation
  • Up to 1Mbps programmable transfer rate
  • 16MHz CAN controller frequency
  • 2500Vrms isolation protection
  • Direct memory mapping to the CAN controllers
  • Powerful master interface for CAN bus protocols
  • PCI bus plug and play
  • DOS libraries and Windows DLLs (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP)
  • Driver windows og linux , Source

PC104 - ICOP-6070

  • User manual - AAU60777
  • PC/104 Vortex86 166 MHz CPU Module with 128 Mb RAM, SiS550 VGA CRT/LCD, Realtek 8100B Ethernet 10/100, USB
  • Form Factor: PC/104
  • Bus: ISA 8bit
  • CPU: Vortex86
  • Number of CPU: 1
  • CPU Socket: CPU On Board
  • VGA Controller: SiS 550
  • Ethernet Controller: Realtek RTL8100 10 Base T/ 100 Base T

Khepera mini-robot II

Khepera mini-robot II - Web-site

User manual - Programming manual

Motorola 68331, 25MHz IMPROVED

512 Kbytes IMPROVED

2 DC brushed servo motors with incremental encoders (roughly 12 pulses per mm of robot motion)

8 Infra-red proximity and ambient light sensors with up to 100mm range IMPROVED
AND Power ConsumptionNEW


User Manual

Service Manual

Records up to 74 minutes of stereo digital audio onto a 2-1/2 inch discUltra-Rigid Frame & Beam Construction with double-wall top plate, steadfastly resists air-borne and shelf-borne vibration and resonance; aluminum from panel, anti-resonant isolator feet 

Tray loading mechanism with Brushless Spotless linear motor for superb smoothness Un-do Editing lets you reverse your last Move, Erase or Combine edit; available until you eject the disc or record over your work

A-B Erase Function is ideal for deleting interruptions like radio commercials


DCONT-3-60 Motor Controller


Position Regulating Controller




Vötsch VT4002 Climate Chamber

Vötsch Industrietechnik

Temeperature Test Chamber, Hermetically sealed. 16 liters, programmable thermal cycling from -40°C to +130°C.

Location, Satlab


LEM PR430 Current Clamp

Measures Current up to 40A or 400A

10mV/A (40A)

1mV/A (400A)


AXIS 205

You can choose from three resolutions -- 640 by 480, 320 by 240 and 160 by 120 pixels -- and four levels of Motion JPEG compression, while the browser-based interface lets viewers resize the image and take sanpshots. Frame rates of up to 30fps are possible.


Datalogic US18 Ultrasonic sensor

US18 ultrasonic distance sensor

Type US18-PA-5_NO3-VH



Safety Guide